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Find results in WPM from based on ApicaGUID or similar ID in AppDynamics

I want to have something similar to our current appdynamics plugin that sends a header with a value. 

If they find a snapshot in appdynamics that got generated from our checks they want to be able to find that specific result by using the id that gets sent with the header using the new plugin.

i suggest that we create a new plugin that i similar to the current appD plugin but it has a longer string and another name of the header. the plugin should also send information back to WPM to tie that execution to the ID we sent in the request. In the end they want to be able to find the result by opening only one URL. 


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  • Nov 21 2014
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  • Jan 29, 2015

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    Makes sense, thanks for the clarification!

    Update 29 jan: Promoted to a feature.

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    December 18, 2014 07:47


    I'm not sure I understand this idea completely. Getting the exact result can already be done using a similar link like this (same thing through the API:

    What do you want to achieve out from WPM e.g do you have a scenario example of how to use this and why?

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    December 18, 2014 23:16

    this is how a customer wants to be able to use our service.

    1. they find an error in Appd that originates from our checks


    1. take the value (Lets call it ApicaId) that get sent in the header (like the ApicaGUID)


    1. use the ApicaId to find the corresponding result in WPM{ApicaId}


    (4). use the ApicaId to find the result through the api. (this is only if we get idea 88 implemented (full result details for prx checks through the api))

    so we should send an Id in the header that would be used to call that check result. how ever i know that the result id is created after execution and we need to send a value with the check that point to that result id. so the value we send in the header will be used as an additional link to that same resultid.



     we execute a prx check and tag the header with ApicaId:999999 which is unique for that execution just like "eb738966-6d14-4bf7-8bd8-0ff3fe2b2591"


    results get stored in ""


    finds the snapshot in appD with value 999999

    opens which should be a link to ""


     and as soon as we have full details for proxysniffer results in the API the will make an api call for 999999 and get the same results.


     i hope this clarifies what they want to achieve

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