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Two-tiered alerts i.e. flagging some URL problems as WARN/ERROR rather than FATAL

Maybe this is more of an idea for the future but let me run it past you.

The primary reason we monitor our site is so that it is available and so it is able to generate revenue, and so our passengers can utilise essential functionality relating to their travel.

Like any large company though the control of the website and ultimately the content therein is not under direct control by the technical team. Primarily what I am getting at here is AD NETWORKS, Remarketing, behaviour tracking etc and other tags such as social media which in most cases (social media excepted) don't really have an impact on any functionality that I from an OPS perspective case about.

Now I do WANT to know when an ad network is down because I want to make the team aware who might liaise with that third party internally, but so long as it doesn't block the entire pageload (ours are all non-block async) I don't want to flag a FATAL which as we can both appreciate cannot be differentiated visually from a 'site down' event. Because I still need to know I can't just round up by problem third parties and block / ignore them.

Essentially I want my RED/FATAL to mean script errors, asset problems on EY webservers etc, and I want to define a bunch of URLs which if they flag issues, only report as ERROR or WARN. It seems to me that this could be, if not a very easy change, at least not a massive one. I am reporting it through to you first instead of the Aha system because It simply must have come up in the past and I'm wondering if you have any workarounds that might meet my needs.

I am anticipating in the config options of a new check a section that instead of 'Ignore File Types' would read 'Warn File Types'. Any URLs in that category are not ignored, they are always flagged as WARN.
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  • Aug 4 2014
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    August 4, 2014 09:41

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