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Add changelog field on each check

We are a decent sized company split across two timezones. It can be hard to keep up with why X person changed Y check. It would be nice if we could turn auditing on so that check changes cannot be made without adding a line to the changelog. The changelog of course would have to exist first. Currently I have to reuse the text field (attached) and to be honest it isn't really working for me because of a few reasons. 1) This field is used in Pagerduty 2) This field is general purpose, so it's freetype. A changelog function would make you select a reason from a drop-down, let you type notes & then automatically log your login ID against it. 3) The field can of course be amended without any auditing I think auditing should be an account-wide thing and it would help the product appeal more to an enterprise market, or simply sectors where this has to be recorded.
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  • Jul 17 2014
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  • Nov 25, 2015

    Admin Response

    The Journal (available for Customer Admins) feature has been released in 7.9 (2015-11-24). It shows all changes that has been made to a check, when the changes were made and by whom. It does however not cover the functionality of adding a reason for changes or adding notes. Let me know if the Journal covers your needs.

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