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Allow end users to control Failover maps

In WPMWEB-I-90 you indicated you would not ship a feature that lets the WPM user which one of your nodes a check ran from. First of all can you reconsider that? It must not be too difficult to implement?


Secondly what I discovered is that when you setup a check it establishes a failover 'map' for that check based on the failover relationships that you have centrally defined at that moment in time. So in my case I created checks in Manchester (T1) and their failover location was London (T2) at the time of creation, so this is what they were given.


In-turn we as users often do several things such as whitelisting your IPs, excluding them from our analytics and keeping up-to-date if those IPs change. Knowing where checks run from is important which is why your KB is so handy.


However If you change your infra and add a new location closer to the primary, none of the existing checks update. What seems to happen is that when your team add a new location, they update their failover relationships in your central system. Now when you as an end user create a new set of checks months later, it now inherits a totally different failover map than your historic checks, and none of this is obvious to the user at all. In my case instead of failing over to T1+ London, my new checks failover to T2 Isle of Man... a location which I also don't have whitelisted and don't really want to run from.


None of this is obvious to the end user, partially because of WPMWEB-I-90 but also because end users cannot view *at all* the failover map assigned to a check. My thinking is that you could just expose this on the check settings screen. If a user enables failover then you insert the default failover location but of course then the user can change it!


This feature should apply to all check types.

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  • Jul 19 2016
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  • Sep 2, 2016

    Admin Response

    Hi, we are going to promote this. The plan is to show the default failover when creating a check and also let the user choose any location as the failover. I can't give any estimation when this will be done however.


    Regarding WPMWEB-I-90, it is still possible it will be implemented, but nothing is planned as of now.

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