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A hop check could be very useful and informative

I just had a thought as per subject line that may make our tool even more attractive to NOC teams. A check that monitors and tracks changes, and response times per hop. 

For example, if a tracert is performed and there are 13 hops for a particular address/url, we keep track of those hop points, their names or identifiers and ping response times. If a hop is added, an alert could be sent out as adding hops only adds more latency. If they are removed a similar alert could be sent out, and adverse changes in response times per hop could also be monitored. It would be a fairly complex check type but provides a great insight into how a site performs and what changes happen in a route...even though it may ultimately be completely out of their control, they're aware of it. 

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  • Jun 19 2014
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  • Jan 30, 2015

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    The Traceroute check will be able to do this.

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