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Adding Curl as a tool in the WPM portal.

I wish to add Curl as a tool in the WPM portal.

This would make it easier to troubleshoot Web-server issues from different locations without having to create a new URLv2 check every time. Also i would like to have the ability to add options to the curl:


--cookie (-b)

--data (-d)

--header (-H)

--head (-I)


--max-time (-m)

--proxy (-x)

--proxy-user (-U)

--request (-X)

--user (-u)

--user-agent (-A)


The Curl should be outputted with the --verbose flag enabled by default.

  • Daniel Jäderberg
  • Mar 31 2016
  • May 6, 2016

    Admin Response

    We have plans to enhance the troubleshooting aspects of WPM later this year. We will have this idea in mind!

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