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A view where we only see checks that are in an abnormal state and we see them in a bigger font so they can be read from a distance.

In our organization we have a NOC that is manned 24/7. They have a wall of displays in front of them. All these displays have different GUI:s from different systems/tools on them.

The current Apica-views are great if you are looking at them on your workstation. If they are on a screen 4-5m away... then they are not legible.

We would like a view for our "display wall" where checks that are in a normal state can be filtered out. For this particular department it is not interesting to see a list of checks that are in a normal state. It just takes up screen real estate and makes the font too small in order to fit everything.

In a normal state this new view would be empty and is only populated once one or more checks are in an abnormal state, the font should be as large as possible so it can be read from a distance.

  • Magnus Östlund
  • Mar 11 2016
  • Apr 14, 2016

    Admin Response

    Hi! Thanks for your feedback. We are working on an update to our operations view at the moment and this feedback will be taken into account.

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