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SuperUser - role that can modify specific checks

As an admin I would like to give certain users the right to modify checks selected checks



To expand a bit, I handle a large Apica installation with hundreds of checks divided by a lot of individual groups, think internal customers. I don't want to admin all this by myself on one hand but I don't want to give everyone global admin rights either. The middle-ground is whats lacking here. I would like to give users rights to modify their own checks but not others. A clear and distinct domain of this select rights, call it SuperUser right, would be per Monitor group. With that I could order the internal customers by Monitor groups and make sure the SuperUser rights were distributed per Monitor group, effectively letting them self-administrate everything but perhaps deletion.


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  • Victor Rosberg
  • Sep 4 2015
  • Shipped
  • Oct 5, 2017

    Admin Response

    This is available via Power User user role.

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