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URLv2 Results should show original request

If you setup a URLv2 for a URL which is redirected then the check results only show the request to the URL the redirect(s) go to -  they do not show the original request.


This also causes the results to not make sense since the only URL on the report is the end-URL and it's statistics start from an offset of 0 (however long it took to redirect up to this point).


For example I am currently looking at check result b63f5ffe-c989-4ae3-95b1-207f3c2aefaa which took 1953ms but in the waterfall the single-request present shows this as 831ms....

Daniel Lofgren can give you more details if you require.

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  • Aug 7 2015
  • Aug 20, 2015

    Admin Response

    We are aware of this and there is a plan to implement this in WPM, however there is no specified time plan for it so I will leave this as a future consideration until that has changed.

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