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Add throttling controls for network bandwidth

When reviewing some trends on my checks I noticed a really positive performance trend between one day and the next.


The WPM tools to dig down and find what caused the performance change weren't very good so I asked Support. Support told me that recently your Ops team did work in the Manchester Datacentre which I use heavily.


It seems that your work to improve your datacentre have affected the performance of the checks and thus made the data that we pay extra $$$$ every month to retain a little less useful.


There is an AHA WPMWEB-I-59  for the ability to write an 'event' covering changes like this which at least would make it easier to make a log of what changed when looking back retrospectively which is great and hopefully it should come along in August.


In this Aha I would like to ask if you would consider adding the ability to 'throttle' the speed at which checks run which I always found very handy because it further controlled the 'synthetic' circumstances around testing and it allowed us to easily see how our site changed in terms of performance and rendering when bandwidth was limited. We would routinely test at 2Mb/s to make trends stand out more.


I'm not saying this would have helped in this example and I know that latency is far more important than speed (and latency seems pretty much impossible to come up with a throttling solution for) but I think it would be a good addition (WPT for example does something similar) or equally it would just be great to hear your opinion on this topic as to why you think it would not be a direction you would consider.


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  • Jul 3 2015
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  • Aug 20, 2015

    Admin Response

    Throttling is available on our private agents. I would advice you to contact support for more information.

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    August 20, 2015 15:16

    This is a suggestion for your public agents. 


    An apt example would be that Webpagetest they support this functionality on both public & private instances.