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Reverse severity mapping function, "Critical Domains" (same behavior as "Allow Domains" but for URL errors and such)

Customers using many ad providers and tracking tools barely have any control over exernal domains being called. Many customers (All media sites and e-commerce sites) get a lot of check failures due to third party content not loading the way it should. This makes the check run stability to go down and a lot of false errors are shown in the WPM gui. Response times aren't stored by default either, breaking the response time graphs when an external non-critical domain doesn't respond.

Most customers have other departmants handling this content on their sites and neither we or our customers are able to keep track of EVERY single domain that is being called.

Implement a "critical domains"/"reverse severity mapping" function making it possible to only throw check errors when URLs for one of the customers own domains are not responding the way they should. Other domains should be able to give a lower severity or "Info" status when they throw errors instead AND the response time of the check should always be kept when using this.

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  • Jun 22 2015
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  • Oct 23, 2015

    Admin Response

    Update: This has been fixed. Consult the tool tip for Severity Mapping for more information.

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