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Add Regex support to Severity Mapping

You can block based on Regex but you can't do the same in severity mapping.


This means you either:

1. Have to block the object with Regex.

2. Have to severity map the object using it's name only or basic wildcard functionality.


There are a lot of cases where (1) is not appropriate. Equally there are a lot of cases such as when the object name changes where (2) cannot be used due to a lack of Regex support.


The best fix would be  to overhaul the 3 features (block, ignore & map) as the UX for them is horrendous and they behave in different ways. It would be nicer for a user to be able to give an inbound URL, add regex rules for this URL and then choose an action since they are either going to want to Severity Map it OR Block it, then choose the conditions such as on Certain HTTP Responses or other errors (NET_INTERRUPT) etc, then finally choose between blocking, mapping or ignoring. So one interface could surely do both jobs?


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  • May 29 2015
  • Jun 23, 2016

    Admin Response

    Update: This was released in 8.4

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