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Parametizing values for Selenium scripts and variable manager

I discussed this in great length with Erik T earlier. Basically more or less on the same lines as how RightScripts work on RightScale, with the ability to attach values to variables in a variable manager, we do the same with Selenium scripts but some templated format so that the system knows where parameters are defined. 

When a selenium script is used with multiple checks for different credentials, we have to create a copy of the script for each credential, making updating all those scripts laborious and error prone. If we had a way of managing parameters separate from the script then we could save a huge amount of time and complication. 


Variables could look like: 

$PASSWORD or {{anyvariableNamehere}}

When our system detects these, it presents a form asking the user to define the values, which then get saved along with the check configuration. At run time, the script along with parameters are sent to the agent or worker agent, which then combines the 2 together before telling the browser and selenium to execute. All we need to do to change a password, or multiple passwords is to use the parameter editor and insert a new value. 

I think some thought needs to be put into managing parameters: perhaps they could be attached to a script (so default values for every check using this script), attached to a group of checks, so the group parameter overrides default script params, or attached to a check. When attached to a check it overrides any params defined on the script level, AND the group level. 

Additional thought is needed in exactly how to reference the parameter index. We couldn't do it on say just "PASSWORD" or "anyvariableNamehere", since I might have many different scripts using variables containing the same name. So perhaps something like scriptname/variablename would be more appropriate. (Just thinking out loud). 

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  • May 21 2015
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    Lars Malm commented
    June 18, 2015 08:33

    Do you have any specific use cases where this could be applied?

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