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Use WARN/ERROR/FATAL Colours within the check result screen

Hi Devs,


This is regarding the UX on the check page which is visible on a non-INFO check run i.e. WARN, FATAL etc


1. Why is there a section of the page called ‘errors’ which will show both warning, error & fatal events? Why not call it something that makes it clear it will capture all these such as “Problems”

2. Under the ‘Code’ heading you will see a vague orange/red colour. What is this? If the ‘problem’ should be an ‘error’ why not make the colour ORANGE. Can you see how from the perspective of the UX this would be an improvement because at the moment irrespective of something being warning, error or fatal is shown in the same colour

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  • May 13 2015
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  • Oct 23, 2015

    Admin Response

    Update:  This was fixed in release 7.8 (22 oct).

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