Ideas for Apica Synthetic Monitoring

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When copying a check, the copy should be paused/disabled by default.

When copying a check the most usual thing is that you first would like to modify it before starting it. If a copied check is enabled by default the first runs might be executed with the wrong settings or run from an incorrect agent. The most common thing is to modify a few options first to compare the behaviour of the copied check with the original one to see differences in performance. (comparing internal/external agents or comparing with/without 3rd party domains and so on)

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  • May 5 2015
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  • Jun 4, 2015

    Admin Response

    This is a good idea, we need to review it further to see what we need to to in order to implement it in the best possible way. After that we will plan it into a release. We will come back to you with a more detailed release plan.

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