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Clarify redirect behavior for URLv2 checks

Currently when you create a URLv2 check there is a option in the WPM that is called "Max number of redirects" that has a default value of 3, this function enables following of redirects for the URL check so the behaviour will be as follows.


1. post (with login details in request content)

2. check gets a 302 back and follows this to the page

3. wpm result will display a post against with the response code 200 OK (but that response codes belongs to the /loggedin request and not the /login request)



The problem with the above flow is that it doesn't show what URL's it was redirected to so you wont be able to verify that the target it was redirected to is correct.

What i would like to see is that max number of redirects is changed to default 0 when creating new URLv2 checks so that the results will show the correct response code for the correct url, the 200 OK in this scenario belongs to /loggedin in this case but the URL displayed will be /login, a metric in the results for the run showing how many redirects it has followed, call information of the 302's it has followed in the waterfall results and information around the function in the WPM portal so that the use case for the function is understood and can be enabled when necessary.


  • Daniel Freij
  • Apr 22 2015
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  • Admin
    Lars Malm commented
    June 4, 2015 09:13

    The implementation could be done in a way where we expose the number of re-directs that have occured. It is currently not possible to show the exact URL for each re-direct, nor a waterfall graph.

    Would that cover your needs?

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