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Bulk editing of checks in maintence overview.

Section Tools -> Maintenance


* Description

As it is now I'm editing checks from maintence overview one by one. we have about 200~ checks and it takes alot of time/clicking into every singel one of them.

We don't use maintence-mode in check settnings cause we want to have overview of our services even during service/maintence hours.

During change/deployment on firewalls and other central components alot of these 200 checks goes red. This interuption is within our SLA-agreement with customers and should there for be removed from the checks, reports etc.


* Usefullness

 If you could select more counts of checks when doing an update it would save alot of times since clicking into every check one by one and not mention if the page crashes and the dates goes wrong (which has happend to me numberous of times)


* Benefit from it



* How it should work

If i had access to the database this would be a no brainer.

Be able to select more then one check at the time from the list.

Maybe just add an filter-view MS Excel




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  • Mar 24 2015
  • Mar 26, 2015

    Admin Response

    Hi! Thanks for the suggestion. This is a big task that requires research and a huge time commitment as of now. The idea is good but we need to prioritize other functionality for now.

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