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Additional USER role in WPM

A creation of a user who has access "limited admin access" such as, create checks, edit checks, manage alerts that are associated with checks associated within their group assignment. 


This user will have access to:

Create new checks,

Create alerts for their grouped checks

Edit their checks

Create reports based on their checks

View analyze metrics for only their checks


This user will not have access to:

ungrouped checks

Not be able to see or edit checks or group that they are not associated with

will not be able to Manage alerts for unassociated checks

will not be able to create reports or analyze metrics for unassociated checks.


This will benefit all customers that are looking for a median between an admin user and a standard user.

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  • Mar 5 2015
  • Mar 12, 2015

    Admin Response

    We have started a bigger investigation on user roles and how to handle them. We will come back with more information at a later time.

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